Chiang Rai

Pre-warning for this blog, it probably won’t be the most interesting one of the trip, but I guess even when every day is unreal there must be some slower days in amongst it. We caught the bus bright an early from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and made the 4-hour journey closer to the Laos... Continue Reading →


When we arrived in Pai we made our way to the hostel. The hostel itself was owned by the same people who ran the one we stayed at while in Chiang Mai, so we got a free night’s stay. Originally, we planned to stay in Pai for 3 nights but ended up staying for 4... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai Part II

Tuesday, we awoke after a nice lay in due to being pretty tired from the elephant sanctuary trip! Once again, we opted for a nice chilled out day around the pool, shock! That evening, however, we decide to head to the night bazaar for a wander around! Chiang Mai itself was now starting to get... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai Part I

We arrived in Chiang Mai around 7.30 pm on Thursday the 15th although the bus journey was only about 5 hours it seemed to be longer than some of the previous journeys we have taken. We headed out for a bite to eat and then settled in for an early night ready for a day... Continue Reading →


We arrived in Sukhothai around 6pm in the evening. The bus journey although long was easy. I was also intrigued by all the birds I saw as we approached our destination. There seemed to be loads of Stalk or Crain like birds flying around. I continued to see lots of these birds for the rest... Continue Reading →


Right strap yourselves in this may be a long one! We arrived in Bangkok around 6pm local time on Thursday the 8th. We passed quickly through security (another stamp for the passport) and gathered our bags, luckily no long wait for me this time and headed to our hostel. At this point, I still felt... Continue Reading →

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