Sri Lanka

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of my time in Sri Lanka, I must first address a few key things that happened before I arrived. I spent my final week in Thailand in Bangkok, mainly recovering from having two wisdom teeth extracted. You’ll recall from my divemaster blogs, that I had planned on having these... Continue Reading →

Divemaster Part II

In part one of the Divemaster series, I wrote up to the halfway point of my time on Koh Tao. The first 6 weeks weren’t without their troubles. First, a tooth infection, followed by an ear infection, but in amongst all that, I still managed to get a fair amount of diving in and enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Divemaster Part I

Firstly apologies, I had planned on updating the blog as I went along regarding the divemaster course, but anyone who follows my Instagram will be aware I have now left Koh Tao and am a fully qualified PADI Divemaster. Go me! Although this does now allow me to update the blog by looking back across... Continue Reading →

Rescue Diver Course

After one brief night on Koh Samui, I took the early ferry to Koh Tao on Tuesday the 25th of Jan docking at Mae Haad Pier around 10am. Just under 3 years ago I had left this island, having fallen in love with diving, as well as the island itself. It felt so good to... Continue Reading →

Register A Drone In Thailand

Having flown to Thailand at the start of 2022, I looked everywhere for information regarding what the rules were surrounding flying a drone here. The information was out there but also very scattered and outdated. Having now successfully completed the registration process in Thailand I thought I’d put together a quick little guide to help... Continue Reading →

Reflection on 3 Years Travelling

The world was a very different place when I departed. It was 5 am, 28th of October 2018. Dark and cold, a fine drizzle hung in the air. A final embrace with my parents on the outside porch. An embrace that wouldn’t be repeated for 1140 days. A little over 3 years. But this isn’t... Continue Reading →

New Zealand – Review of my Time

New Zealand, WHAT A PLACE! I knew even before stepping foot in the country I would love it. I wasn’t disappointed. I’d heard so many great things and just had a sense that it would be a place for me. Before NZ, answering the question “where is your favourite country” was tough. I’ve been to... Continue Reading →

NZ – End of the Road

This is it then, the final blog of the 2-month road trip and 7 months in New Zealand! In another blog, I shall reflect a little on my time here, but before getting there, we must finish the road trip itself.In the last blog, North Island Part II, I finished with my time in Rotorua.... Continue Reading →

North Island – Part II

After leaving New Plymouth and Mt Taranaki I headed up the coast, my destination being the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves. I made a few notable stops along the way with the highlight being the Three Sisters & Elephant Rock. These are sections of coastal cliffs that due to erosion now stand isolated in the ocean... Continue Reading →

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