The variety of this heart-shaped land is astounding, with travellers experiencing a country of contrasts, where cultures collide, spectacular and varied scenery abounds and an eclectic history is waiting to be discovered. A captivating gem of the Balkan Peninsula, the country’s mountainous, verdant countryside is home to charming medieval villages and castle ruins, as well as glittering glacial lakes and tremendous waterfalls. Nestled amongst this diverse landscape sits the picture-perfect Mostar and its iconic Stari Most bridge, a must-see for any visit to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

East meets west in the country’s capital, Sarajevo. This city is a melting pot of cultures where the ornate architecture of the Austro-Hungarian era comes face to face with Ottoman domes and minarets. The scars of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s devastating civil war in the 1990s are still painfully visible but crucial for understanding this intriguing country. Yet despite these tragic reminders, the country’s natural beauty and the warm hospitality of its people shine through.

Top Recommendations

  • Sarajevo, the Jerusalem of the Balkans, a vibrant riverside city with cultural events and nightlife aplenty
  • Mostar – with its iconic bridge where daredevils plunge into the racing green waters below
  • Plumet down the Vrbas or Buna rivers on a raft or kayak of your own
  • The intricate lace of Kravice Falls on the Trebizat River
  • The Tekija (dervish lodge) in Blagaj, which nestles between the cliff face and the Buna River

When to Visit

May through to September offers the best of the weather, with temperatures peaking in the high 20s during the summer months. Warm temperatures combined with long days, make it the perfect time to explore the country’s varied landscapes. However there is consistent year-round rainfall, so make sure you pack your waterproofs, regardless of when you visit.

Average monthly high and low temperatures, plus average monthly rainfall and days with rain can be seen below for Sarajevo.