The world’s oldest republic, and Europe’s third smallest state, San Marion is a living quirk of history that today packs in the tourists. An island of sovereignty in the tempests of Italian politics since AD 301, it has its own constitution (dating to 1600 – the world’s oldest), army and currency. Plus attracts millions of tourists each year to the stunningly picturesque Citta di San Marino its capital and a UNESCO-protected medieval hill town atop the 750m-high Monte Titano. Beyond this lie its stunning Appenine territories and Sammarinese Castelli (communes) such as Serravalle, Borgo, Maggiore and Domagnano.

Top Recommendations

  • Palazzo Pubblico, with its richly decorated facade
  • The relics of Saint Marinus inside the neoclassical Basilica del Santo
  • Get your passport stamped at the tourist office – there is no border between San Marino and Italy
  • Climb up all 3 towers depicted on the national flag: the Guaitam Cesta and Montale, for sweeping coastal panoramas, on a clear day you can even spy Croatia

When to Visit

May, June and September when the weather is warm and the days are filled with plenty of sunshine. July and August can get very crowed during the peak holiday season, so if you can avoid these times you’ll be rewarded for it.

Average monthly high and low temperatures, plus average monthly rainfall and days with rain can be seen below for San Marino.