Discover a land of romantic cities, charming coastal villages with beautiful beaches and of course delicious food and wine. From iconic landmarks and world-class art to the glamour and stunning coastal scenery of the French Riviera. France boasts a delightful mix of destinations, while the laidback lifestyle serves as the perfect backdrop to unwind and lose yourself in local towns, markets and laneways. The more dramatic scenery of the Alps and Pyrenees offers up picture-perfect trails to explore on a foot or by bike. While the winter months offer world-class snow sports opportunities.  France is a timeless land of deep-rooted traditions and modern innovation, a fabled feast of fine food and wine and a country with unfaltering romance woven into every second step.

Top Recommendations

  • Take in the famous sights of Paris
  • Roam the charming Provence Countryside
  • Indulge along the Cote d’Azur (French Riveiera)
  • Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy
  • Mont Blanc & the French Apls, both in summer and winter

When to Visit

The summer months of June to August offer the hottest and longest days but are also likely to be the busiest. Therefore, the fringe months of April, May and September still offer great weather and slightly fewer crowds. The winter months can be dark and cold, but in the mountainous regions, the snowfall leads to world-class pistes and apre skis. The summer months on the southern coast are bathed in sunshine and warmth. With the tropical waters of the Balearic as refreshing a place as any to cool off.  

Average monthly high and low temperatures, plus average monthly rainfall and days with rain can be seen below for Paris & Marseille.