North Island – Part I

After the 3 hour Interislander Ferry ride from Picton to Wellington, I touched down on the North Island for the very first time. Having been in NZ for over 6 months it was good to finally start exploring this part of the country. The South Island is actually 32% larger than the North, however, the... Continue Reading →

Top of the South Island – Part II

After the Abel Tasman, there were still a few places I wanted to visit on the South Island before heading north. I therefore, had a day driving around ticking off various attractions I had earmarked. The first stop was Wharariki Beach (Wh sounds in Maori are equivalent to an English F). The beach is famous... Continue Reading →

Top of the South Island – Part I

After the emptiness of the West Coast driving into Nelson and through the surrounding area was a stark contrast to the previous week. I was back to some kind of modern civilisation. I had heard a lot about the place before arriving, but still didn’t really know what to expect. Although whatever my preconceived expectations... Continue Reading →

West Coast

I’ve covered a lot of km since the last blog but thankfully less so on foot and more with my car (which so far has been an absolute trooper). The first few weeks of the road trip were dominated by beautiful mountains and lots of hiking. Having ended the last blog with the completion of... Continue Reading →

Start of NZ Road Trip

After spending 5 months in Queenstown for the winter, which was amazing. I have now left to travel around the remainder of the country for a few months. Originally I had planned to leave Queenstown on the 11th of October and head to either Wanaka or Mt. Cook. I said my goodbyes to those in... Continue Reading →

Winter in Queenstown

Life comes at you fast. A day after posting my last blog for NZ I broke my collarbone snowboarding.  Having written in that blog how lucky I had been avoiding lockdowns, the Aus bubble shutting giving me empty slopes, the progress I was making on the board and how buzzing I was for the season.... Continue Reading →

New Zealand – I Finally Made It

This is it then, the first blog about a new country for over two years. It’s crazy to think I had wanted to get to NZ for so long and to finally arrive felt pretty surreal once it all came together. It had been a long time coming and although there were certainly times when... Continue Reading →

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