The Adventure Begins

So today I decided to start my own blog!

Most people probably won’t care or even bother ever reading anything I write (can’t say I blame you, one of a million travel bloggers out there). But at the end of the day I’m not doing it for that (although if in 5 years I have a million strong readers I won’t complain)!

The reason I’m doing this is so I can look back on my adventures in the years to come and be reminded, hopefully, of all the great experiences I had. I shall be exploring South East Asia for 5-6 months before moving onto Australia and who knows what else. So feel free to join me in my adventures and I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. I will try to write honestly and include as much detail as possible. But if I only ever get two readers, those being my mother and father, well that’s okay as like I said this is for me and I guess them too.

So thanks for joining me on my journey and mum I promise to try and behave myself.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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