Head Shave for Alopecia

So just before the true adventure really begun, I undertook a small adventure or more fittingly I guess a charitable deed. I had been contemplating what to do with my hair before I set off on my travels when I came up with the idea. I decided what better way to remove the headache of worrying about my hair by just shaving it all off! However, although it removed my dilemma, it was really all in the name of charity.

My aunt suffers from a condition called Alopecia which to put bluntly means all your hair falls out. I, therefore, decided to shave off all my hair in support of my amazing aunt to raise money for the charity, which is often underrepresented and less well know. Despite all the good work they do for those suffering from any form of hair loss!

The big shave was set just a few days before my departure and I must admit I was a little nervous before it happened! However, I have the luxury that my hair will grow back, those with the condition are often not as fortunate. It, therefore, allows me to spend a few weeks walking in the suffers shoes to truly comprehend what the condition entails. It has given me a new found respect for my aunty and all those who suffer from similar conditions, as she has never let it dampen her spirit and remains the same incredible woman she has always been! Amazingly my aunties hair has, in fact, started to grow back and I hope the symbolic gesture of mine all coming off enables hers to continue to grow. Regardless of whether that happens or not she truly is an inspiration! Much love Deb x

My amazing Aunt and me after my head shave

I’m pleased to say at the time of writing I’ve managed to raise over Β£380 for the charity! However, there is still time to donate via the following link:


To all those who donated I’d just like to pass on my sincere gratitude to the support, you all showed and your generosity in giving to a worthy cause!

Now onto the big adventure, ensuring I wear my hat for the first few weeks to prevent burning my head!

One thought on “Head Shave for Alopecia

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  1. Wow Calum what an amazing achievement!! Well done πŸ’™
    You truly have left a footprint on my heart ! πŸ’™
    Your kind words, support and bravery, experiencing first hand the image change that hair loss prevails is an incedible gesture to make.
    I feel immensely touched by the donations given and salute you in raising the profile for Alopecia Uk πŸ’™πŸ’™
    You are an amazing inspirational Young man and I love you very much! πŸ’™πŸ’™
    Now safe journey and go see the big wide world 🌍 I cant wait to hear all about your amazing adventures on your blog.
    Much love always xxx
    Ps don’t forget your hat !


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