The Adventure Truly Begins

After months of planning, saving and waiting to start my travels the time has finally arrived, and I now write this blog post from our hostel in Singapore. I apologise in advance for any grammatical errors that may be particularly apparent in this post as I am currently writing this having been awake now for roughly 28 hours. One of the reasons I am writing this is to hopefully keep me awake until roughly 7 pm Singapore time whereby I will then hopefully pass out, sleep for 12 hours and then wake up relatively jet lag free, having synced my body clock 8 hours ahead (I’ll let you know how this turns out).

Anyway, I’ve jumped ahead a little bit, throwing it back to this morning, yesterday morning, I’m not even sure right now and I left for Gatwick airport at 6 am on Sunday the 28th of October 2018. Goodbyes were said over the course of the week and weekend to family and friends alike all of which were difficult but also reassuring to know that I have such supportive family and friends that want me to go out and see the world. So although I shall miss my parents, family and friends dearly, hopefully, we can both take comfort in the fact this is something I’ve always wanted to do and finally I’m living that dream.

From left to right Fred, Ollie, Connor and Me at Gatwick Airport

Before any true fun could be had a 12.5-hour flight to Singapore had to be endured. Now considering the bargain price of £200 one way to Singapore with Norwegian airlines I can’t really complain, but the less said about the flight the better really! I felt like I was on that plane for eternity. Also seeing as we left 11 am UK time but landed 8 am the next day Singapore time, Sunday night never existed, meaning I had to try to get some shut-eye on the plane. As I’m sure you’ve guessed that failed and I probably totalled 1 hour’s patchy sleep on the flight. Our neighbour in the seat next to us, however, was far more fortunate and slept for around 10 hours of the flight snoring his head off! I’m not mad, just envious that it wasn’t me. (I can’t fault Norwegian, however, their service was very professional, the entertainment selection good and the food great)

Moving forward we land in Singapore and after I had to wait slightly longer than I was comfortable for my bag after everyone else had collected theirs we made our way to the hostel, dropped off our bags and headed out for a little explore of the city. On return from our brief expedition when we finally checked in. Ollie and Connor promptly fell asleep and are currently still asleep at the time of writing. Fred and me, on the other hand, are currently slogging it out to stay up for as long as possible for the reasons mentioned above. Hopefully, Fred and me will feel better in the long run. While Fred and I waited we headed out to get some dinner. As we are staying in the district of Little India we popped over the road for a quick curry (honestly you could very easily think you were in India, not Singapore). Safe to say it’s probably the most flavoursome curry I’ve ever had, however, it did almost blow my head off.

That brings us up to speed really, with Fred and me waiting another hour or so before heading to bed, while Connor and Ollie are sound asleep. Tomorrow the exploring can really begin.

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  1. Glad to hear all well albeit no sleep ! Blog is fantastic to read and no grammatical errors I can read lol! Have fun exploring much love Deb xxx💙


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